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Bethesda fans are anxiously awaiting the launch of Starfield. The studio’s first new RPG in decades is set to arrive next year. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from trying to uncover anything potentially new for the upcoming IP. Today, some further information came from the Tokyo Game Show. Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific new details about the game. However, it does look like there are over 150,000 lines of dialogue which put it past big RPG titles from the studio.

During the Tokyo Game Show, Bethesda’s Todd Howard unveiled that the Japanese market would receive full vocal translations in the upcoming Starfield video game. Likewise, that there will be over 150,000 lines of dialogue. To put it in perspective, Fallout 4 came in at just over 111,000 lines of dialogue. So there should be plenty of interactions with characters and storylines. Although, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out just what the game entails.

So far, we know that this is a game set in the distant future where players take the role of a space explorer. Just what all you come across during your exploration remains to be seen. But fans will have to wait another year to get their hands on a copy of Starfield. That might not be such a bad thing right now since this game is a next-generation exclusive.

Microsoft has since acquired Bethesda. After the massive ZeniMax Media acquisition from Microsoft, Bethesda was one of the big video game development studios under the Xbox umbrella. With that said, this is a game that will not make its way onto the PlayStation 5 competitor. Instead, you’ll need to own a PC or an Xbox Series X/S platform. Those new consoles are tough to come by right now, but hopefully, by the time this game launches on November 11, 2022, gamers are dealing with that won’t be a problem.


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