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Steam Deck Might Feature Various Color Models Post-Launch – Gameranx


Credit: Valve

The Valve Steam Deck has proven to be quite the popular topic as of late. Players have quickly been building up anticipation for this device. However, for some consumers out there, the Steam Deck might not be all that appealing aesthetically. If you look at devices such as the Nintendo Switch, there are different color scheme options. That’s something Valve has already taken note of and could change up in the future, but it’s dependent on the launch reception.

Recently, PC Gamer was able to speak with Valve’s Steam Deck designers, Greg Coomer and Tucker Spoffword. During the conversation, color variation models came up. The development team even discussed different color models internally prior to the device reveal. While it looks like having multiple colors was pretty popular at Valve, it was eventually settled at launching the device with the standard grey and black model.

Valve made a logical decision as the company felt it would have been complicated to launch with several SKUs. That’s, of course, something the company will be looking more into after the Steam Deck officially launches into the marketplace. Valve will be keeping a very close eye on the launch and the reception this device will receive. There’s plenty of interest in how well the machine will do across the board.

There could very well be some issues that pop up, allowing Valve the opportunity to release a revision. Likewise, if this device proves to be a massive success, we could see new models. Again, the success could allow Valve to experiment with different color model variations for fans to potentially pick up. Currently, the first batch of units will arrive to those pre-ordered early in December of this year.


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