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When it comes to the video game industry right now, there’s a few new notable console platforms out to pick up. Both Sony and Microsoft had released their latest-generation console platforms into the marketplace. But now Valve is jumping in with their new hardware platform. While Valve is known for delivering a solid PC gaming digital marketplace with Steam, they are also bringing out a hybrid console. Known as the Steam Deck, it looks Valve has added a new trailer to help market this device to more potential consumers.

The Steam Deck has become a highly anticipated video game console. Shaped similar to the Nintendo Switch, players can enjoy PC gaming on the go or docked with a display. This device is not out yet, but several media outlets have tried this device out. So far, the reception from these journalists has been relatively positive. Finally, we’re getting a rather powerful handheld device that can play practically everything available in the market right now. Of course, the minimum target for this device has been 30FPS. Although, so far, that hasn’t been much of a problem to meet and surpass with the games tested out.

With the latest trailer, we’re getting almost everything we already know about when it comes to the Steam Deck. If you’ve been following this device since its announcement, then you won’t find anything new here. Although, if you haven’t been following this device, the trailer gives you the key points to why the Steam Deck might be a device worth getting. Best of all, while this is a capable portable gaming device from what we’re seeing so far, it’s also very open.

This device is not strictly attached to the Steam digital marketplace. Sure, you can load all your games from Steam, but you can use competitor digital marketplaces as well. For instance, the Epic Games Store is a digital storefront that you can also get your games from on this device. So far, the first shipment of units to have already been pre-ordered will be coming to consumers this December. Meanwhile, newcomers to pre-order a unit won’t likely see it until sometime in 2022.


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