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The Resident Evil franchise has been around for ages and it continues to grow each year. There’s a massive collection of video games available both mainline along with spin-off titles. We even have cinematic content as well such as the line of blockbuster movies to the more recently launched Netflix series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. While Capcom has gone back to provide some remakes for those early mainline installments of the franchise, a fan has decided to offer a look at what Resident Evil could look like with a first-person remake.

This creation takes a part of the iconic mansion from the first Resident Evil game and is recreated in Unreal Engine 4. The game has never looked better and it leaves plenty of excitement over something like this being done fully. Right now, it’s just a fan project that offers a look at what Capcom could have potentially done, but it seems that Capcom is leaving the first installment as a traditional third-person video game.

Regardless, the footage looks rather stunning. Fans have already expressed their interest in a fully playable build while others would simply be thrilled to explore the different locations. Not to mention, if this is built through first-person then it wouldn’t be long before we started seeing players make up a VR build available which would really put players into an immersed original Resident Evil experience. For, now all we have is this small video footage showcasing the work done so far.

Meanwhile, for those that enjoy the works and would like to support the creator then there is a Ko-Fi where the developer is working on their unique title, Vigil. Otherwise, you can simply take in the incredible work put into this first-person perspective version of Resident Evil through the video embedded above.

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