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Take-Two Interactive has quite a few development studios under it but one of the game IPs that most will be familiar with from this company is Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto. This franchise has been around for decades and it’s continued to thrive today with the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 along with the online counterpart, Grand Theft Auto Online. However, with any popular video game or series especially titles available on the PC platform, you’ll have a slew of modifications. 

Mods have always been around for PC gamers as it provides quite a bit more content. We’ve seen everything from tweaked storylines, new items, characters, environments, to even game mechanics come out. Some development studios even supply support for modders to continue making up content for others to enjoy online. For the most part, if it’s based around single-player content then you’re more or less fine in the eyes of plenty of developers or publishers. Although, some IP owners are incredibly protective over their content and are quick to kill off fan-made content.

With that said, mods were not much of a problem for Grand Theft Auto. There was certainly a ton of fan-created content for players to dive into across multiple different video game releases over the past several years. Now all of the sudden it looks like this is a big deal to Take-Two Interactive as modders have started to spread their DMCA notices online from the company. Mods are now quickly being removed from the internet and there’s no real reason as to why. 

 We haven’t seen any statements given as to why the sudden attack against fan-created content after years have passed, but it’s left plenty of fans a bit disappointed. Meanwhile, fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been sitting in limbo waiting on the next installment. Grand Theft Auto V was released back in 2013 and we still haven’t received any official reveals or announcements regarding the next installment. Instead, all we have received is more ports for Grand Theft Auto V including ports coming for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

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