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Take-Two Interactive is quite a massive company in the video game industry. With plenty of studios under their umbrella, most might be familiar with 2K releases along with Rockstar Games. We know that the company has a few games in the works like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Today we’re finding out Take-Two has three other unannounced games coming. While we don’t know what franchises these games are from, they will apparently be remakes or remasters. Now fans are wondering just what the three unannounced titles are. Fortunately, fans should expect an announcement soon.  

News of the three projects came during an investor’s call, which highlighted some of the upcoming projects Take-Two Interactive has in the works. As for the new remakes or remastered editions, we know an enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto V, along with a standalone release for Grand Theft Auto Online. Meanwhile, there’s also the upcoming launch of Kerbal Space Program. With that said, we also know that there is another unannounced 2K video game project being developed. That unannounced 2K game is not one of the three potential remakes or remastered edition releases.

Rumors are running wild online on what these games could be. We’ve seen plenty of suggestions that these could be new iterations for past Grand Theft Auto installments. Likewise, there are suggestions for a remaster of Red Dead Redemption and Bully. There’s plenty of past video games we could look at which could receive a remake or remaster. Unfortunately, there’s nothing officially confirmed yet.

All we can do is wait and find out, but announcements should be relatively soon if these games are launching before the end of March 2022. There’s a chance we’ll get these video game announcements this month through the likes of Gamescom 2021. That’s purely speculation on our part as Take-Two Interactive didn’t indicate just when these games will be unveiled.


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