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A brand new Tales game has just hit the marketplace tomorrow. Tales of Arise has been a title fans were waiting on for a good while. After delays and the pandemic obstacles that developers had to deal with, the game is now officially out into the marketplace tomorrow. However, if you purchased a collector’s edition of the title, you might find the product arriving a bit late. That’s likely quite the blow for some fans who were hoping to get through some of the gameplay as soon as it launched along with the weekend.

While the game’s collector edition might be running behind, it looks like players will still be able to play the game at launch. A new report has gone out showing an email being sent out to those who pre-ordered the game. The Bandai Namco America Online Store has reached out to consumers from the email sent out, alerting them that the North American markets will find a delay in the Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition shipment.

To make up for this delay, it looks like an email voucher will be sent tomorrow, the day of Tales of Arise’s release. This email will contain a digital code for the game to enjoy the title at launch despite not having the physical collector’s edition on hand. That’s at least something to keep players enjoying the game right away rather than having to wait until the shipments are sent out.

We imagine that the code will be for whatever platform the collector’s edition was purchased for. As a result, you will want to keep an eye out for the email code to hit your inbox tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you want a bit more insight into the game and our overall thoughts, then check out our Before You Buy episode. You can check out our initial impressions of Tales of Arise in the video embedded above.


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