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The console demo for the upcoming RPG Tales of Arise is launching this week, and the developers have revealed some additional details about how the crafting system will work, in addition to a new trailer and some other details. Given that the game is launching on September 10, it’s going to be a fairly late demo, but it should still be fun for players.

In a new tweet from the Tales Twitter, we got a glimpse into how weapon and accessory crafting will work in the game. According to the tweet, you’ll be able to find ore around the world to mine, and you can also collect minerals from monsters you defeat. Bring these items to a blacksmith in order to get weapons or (presumably) to upgrade what you have. Similarly, you can bring those same items to a metal engraver in order to get accessories.

We already knew the game was going to have crafting, in addition to farming and fishing and all of the other fun Stardew Valley stuff that fleshes out this dramatic saga. But it’s cool to see the details of how it will work. Characters will also be able to strengthen bonds with each other at a campsite, as seen in previous trailers.

In addition to the crafting details, Tales of Arise got a new trailer showing off some of the more important story moments, including what appears to be a romantic (or at least emotional) embrace between the two leads, Alphen and Shionne. We already know the two are going to be from the two different worlds in the game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs were doing some star-crossed shenanigans. The trailer also featured a song from singer Ayake, and Bandai Namco has confirmed that the game will feature more songs from her.


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