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Tales of Arise, the latest game in the long-running Tales series, is getting a demo on both current and next-gen consoles. On August 18, players will get the chance to play the RPG on the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game itself will launch on September 9 in Japan, and on September 10 for everyone else (as well as PC gamers), so even gamers who don’t play the demo won’t have to wait for the game long.

Tales of Arise is the 17th game in the Tales series, and will launch during the year of the series’ 25th anniversary. It’s set during the conflict between two opposing planets: The advanced people of Rena and its subservient planet Dahna. The two protagonists are the Dahnan Alphen and the Renan Shionne, who team up for reasons of their own. They are joined by several other party members, from across the two different planets who have their own reasons for wanting the conflict between the two settled.

The gameplay shown so far will cover a diverse range of activities. While we know there will be combat in the game, we’ve seen that there will also be farming, fishing, and cooking, though there allegedly won’t be multiplayer. The gameplay is described in one of the latest trailers thus: “Join the party of heroes from all walks of life, embark on a life-changing quest to discover a world full of possibilities.”

News and a playable demo about the game have been a long time coming. Tales of Arise was originally announced at E3 2019 and was delayed to 2021 in 2020, one of the latter year’s many game delays. Bandai Namco finally started releasing new footage of the game. Word is the game will be as long as others in the series, such as Tales of Berseria, the last game in the series that came out 5 years ago.


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