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There are times when everyone gets stuck in a JRPG. Maybe you just need a few more levels to overcome a tough boss. Or maybe you just want to grind for good loot and XP to save yourself the trouble later. Either way, it never hurts to find an optimized method for earning the most XP possible as you play through the game — and Tales of Arise gets pretty tricky even early into your adventure. If you’re aiming to grind XP, we’ve found a few good monsters you’ll want to track down.

The mid-game and the end-game are the most important farming spots for us. After you’ve completed Tales of Arise, there’s a long and seemingly endless grind to reach Level 100. If you’re the type to want to defeat the hardest optional boss in the game, you absolutely can after finishing the main story — but you’ll need to grind for a very long time. There’s one particular tough boss that can be defeated even if you’re much lower level, and that particular boss makes the grind to Level 100 bearable. Learn more below. No spoilers here, just explanations.

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Before farming XP, make sure to cook XP+ Boost food. Leaf-Wrapped Fish is always a good choice. Make sure to cook with the proper character to get the +20% cooking effect duration boost. That just means you’ll be able to grind for XP longer with the XP boost effect still active.

To farm XP, you just need to find monsters that give the biggest XP from defeats. These are some of the best monsters I’ve found so far — to reset, fast travel to a camp after defeating the monster, rest (and save) then travel back out to fight them again. Rinse and repeat as many times as you need to level up.

Mid-Game Farming | Level 25-30+

  • Location: Mahag Saar, Adan Lake

The best monster to farm in this area is the Creepzilla (Lvl. 27). The large lizard monster appears in the center of the large map area. It drops Bizarre Megacores and Lizard Fins. This monster drops 230+ XP and 9~ SP per defeat.

End-Game Farming | Level 75-100

To unlock this final XP farming monster, you’ll need to complete several other sub-quests first. Complete the “Spirit Temple” sub-quest found in Traslida Highway (Menancia), then “Another Hill-Side Anomaly” in Viscint (Menancia), and “Otherworldly Visitors” which is the next step of the same quest chain.

In this strange end-game dungeon, travel to the Vesper Rift and defeat the Chronos (Lvl. 95) boss here. For each victory, you’ll earn 70,000 XP (+bonus, about 150,00~ XP). To reset, just fast travel to campfire or use items to refill your CP so you can re-enter the fights faster. This is the best end-game enemy for XP grinding, and easily the fastest way to reach level 100.

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