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“The Mysterious Pair” is a tricky sub-quest in Tales of Arise — the game doesn’t tell you where to go, but you will get three clues that point you in the right direction. If you’re just looking for a quick answer, we’ve got a full guide explaining how to find (and complete) this sub-quest below. Sometimes, after searching around long enough, we just want the answer to a riddle. I totally don’t blame you.

Tales of Arise is a new massive JRPG in the Tales series, and the first on PS5 / Xbox Series X. Taking advantage of the hardware, you’ll explore even larger environments and explore a huge world, fighting monsters with explosive new combat abilities. Unlike other JRPGs, Tales puts you in direct control of your character — really they’re more like extremely long story-focused action games. Each region has a ton of sub-quests, and some of them are more important than others.

The “Mysterious Pair” is an important sub-quest for one reason. Completing it gets you the Iron Pipe, which is an important crafting material for creating a powerful weapon for Alphen.

How To Solve The Mysterious Pair Sub-Quest

To begin “The Mysterious Pair”, you need to first finish “A Healer And Her Patients” sub-quest, which you’ll automatically gain in Overseer Hill, Menancia while progressing the story. Complete that quest, and one of the patients will appear again with a different request.

  • The Mysterious Pair Sub-Quest: To begin the quest, travel to Niez, Mahag Saar — the quest giver NPC is right near the entrance to Niez. The NPC will ask you to find a secret instrument and give you three clues for its location.
    • How To Solve: The clue points you to the northernmost edge of the map in Iglia Wastes, Calaglia. Go to the furtherest north spot and dig to collect the Iron Pipe.

Return to the questgiver NPC with the Iron Pipe to complete the sub-quest and collect your reward. The Iron Pipe is an important craftering material for making a weapon for Alphen. Don’t miss out!

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