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Very early in Tales of Arise, in the very first region, you’ll encounter an ornate locked door that simply can’t be opened. It isn’t until much, much later in the game that you’ll get the key — so much later that it is very easy to forget about that vault door. I know my memory rarely lasts 50+ hours of JRPG gameplay. Well, there’s something special waiting in the hidden vault if you can remember. And if you don’t, we’re here to offer a friendly reminder! Once you obtain the Secret Key during the main story, this is what that key is actually used for.

Tales of Arise is the latest JRPG in the Tales series, and the first on new-gen consoles. Like other games in the series, you take direct control of your characters, dishing out combos and unleashing powerful artes. As slaves of an unjust occupation from a neighboring planet (yes, really!) you must break free of your shackles and strike back to reclaim your freedom. A cabal of overlords stands in your way, ruling five distinct regions under their control. The story is refreshingly straightforward, with a gaggle of villains to defeat and a world to save. And now you can plunder one of those villain’s secret vaults for unique armor pieces and a valuable wiener recipe.

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How To Unlock The Hidden Calaglia Vault

To get the Secret Key, progress in the main story until you defeat the boss of Berg Volcano. The key doesn’t explain anything — where to use it, or how to unlock the door. The Secret Key unlocks a secret vault.

  • Where To Find The Secret Vault: Trench of Fire, East Side (Calaglia)

Enter the “East Side” area from the Trench of Fire leads directly to the vault door. This begins the hidden sub-quest “Into The Grotto“, use the key on the door and go inside. That’s all it takes to complete the quest! The quest leads into a vast treasury with lots of rewards. For completing the sub-quest, you’ll earn 3,400 Gold, 105 SP, and the Wiener Recipe for cooking.

  • The vault contains three Red Chests. You’ll find the follow items inside.
    • Royal Cape
    • Witch Dress
    • x1 Omega Elixir
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