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Tales of Arise is the next huge RPG in the Tales series, pushing the boundaries and giving you access to all-new tools to make your adventures even more epic. In Tales of Arise, you’ll explore a huge world, experience a charming story, collect a gang of memorable characters, and battle the forces of evil with the series signature real-time combat system. When you’re not busy fighting, you can raise animals for a constant influx of useful rewards — and it can be missed. You’ll need to complete a specific sub-quest to unlock the Pharia Ranch. Here’s what you need to know.

By unlocking Pharia Ranch, you can unlock unlock the “Veteran Rancher” achievement / trophy. To unlock, you need to complete 50 harvests — there are 5 harvest slots that can be unlocked total, and each harvest slot can be filled with different amounts (and types) of animals to raise at the ranch. You’ll need to essentially raise 50 batches of enemies — the number of animals doesn’t count, just how many slots you’ve completed. Once you select the animals to raise and the feed, a realtime timer will countdown. Go off and complete quests, then return to collect your rewards at the ranch, or at any campfire.

How To Unlock Pharia Ranch

Pharia Ranch is a facility where the party can raise animals to earn materials for cooking and other uses. To unlock, you need to complete the “Pharia Ranch” sub-quest.

  • Pharia Ranch Sub-Quest: The sub-quest is located on Traslida Highway (Menancia). Find the man on the ground on the path to Viscint — talk to the NPC and you’ll arrive at Pharia Ranch. Talk to him again to begin another quest that teaches you how to raise animals.

You can select what feed type and what animals to raise for each slot. You can unlock more slots later. You can collect / raise new animal harvests from the Pharia Ranch NPC, or through the merchants at any camp. Harvets occur in realtime, so once a harvest begins, you can leave and collect your earnings later.

How To Unlock The “Veteran Rancher” Achievement / Trophy

  • Veteran Rancher: Collect 50 harvests at the ranch.

As stated above, you need to complete 50 harvest slots — each slot can contain multiple animals for a harvest. The fastest way to earn 50 harvests is by raising Chickens, which are naturally the fasted growing and take the least time for the timer to complete. If you don’t worry about waiting, just make sure to collect your harvests between quests, getting started new harvests, and continuing to farm into the post-game. Reaching Level 100 takes so long, you’ll complete 50 harvests in no time.

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