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Tales of Arise should be a decently length video game. A new interview has emerged online with the producer behind Tales of Arise, Yusuke Tomizaka. During the conversation, a question was asked about the game length. According to Tomizaka, players can expect about the same length as the previous installment to the Tales series, Tales of Berseria. Of course, this interview was in Japanese, so we only have translations from this interview written down within the Tales subreddit.

According to the translations, Tales of Arise will be like Tales of Berseria. There will be the main quest to go through along with additional content. If we look at the typical average time most players take to complete Tales of Bersia on Howlongtobeat.com, it comes in at about 44 hours. Meanwhile, the additional side content nears 70 hours. That should hopefully translate to some thrilling gameplay and narrative journeys.

The interview goes on to say that new players can jump into this game without any problems. Tales games, in general, offer a unique storyline, so you don’t have to go back and play past installments. With that said, the producer did make a note that there will be a cameo. We don’t know who will be making a return. Yusuke Tomizawa tells fans that they’ll have to play the game to learn more.

Going on about this game being unique and not requiring past installments, the producer was questioned about a potential sequel. It looks like the game narrative will be completed with this video game release. Still, there might be collaborations with mobile games. Again, we don’t have any more details about what to expect, but fans of Tales of Arise may have more content to play with on their smartphones.


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