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Tales of Luminaria

Along with the news that pre-registration is now open in North America, Europe, and Japan, Bandai Namco just revealed a ton of new information about Tales of Luminaria. Shown during a recent stream, this includes a glimpse at the gameplay, some gorgeous designs for each of the 21 characters, and more info on the different factions introduced in the mobile title. Currently, the only other Tales title available worldwide is Tales of Crestoria released in 2018. In comparison, the new title will feature more banter between the characters, and no microtransactions will be needed to unlock character stories.

In 2020, the title Tales of Luminaria was trademarked in Europe, with Japan coming next, so we’ve had an idea that this game was on the way for a while. The first trailer for the game appeared at Gamescom 2021 last month. The character designs were handled by Shun Saeki, known for his popular manga series Shokugeki no Soma. The music will be composed by Go Shiina, who has previously worked on a number of Tales titles. He has also composed pieces for a number of anime series, including Demon Slayer and God Eater.

Each character in the title will have a unique story to tell, with some intertwining with other characters–meaning, if you want the full version of events, you’ll probably need to play the game 21 times. (There’s nothing wrong with a little extra replay value, right?) Characters will each support one of three factions: the Federation, the Empire, or the Independent Adventurers. The latter isn’t exactly a faction, as much as is it is an anti-faction. The Federation lives in harmony with Primordial Beasts, while the Empire uses these creatures as a consistent source of energy.

Tales of Luminaria is now in development for Android and iOS devices. Pre-registration is open now. Be sure to follow the official Twitter account for more updates!


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