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Battlefield 2042’s beta went live earlier this month amid much fanfare and hype. However, that fanfare was short-lived as the beta showed that the game certainly needs more time. It’s now clear why Battlefield 2042 was delayed from its original release date later this month to the end of November but it’s doubtful that it will be enough time to fix the issues present in the beta.

The graphics are the most immediate issue with the game. It’s unbelievable that the game can look as bad as it does. Battlefield 2042 should be benefitting from the next-gen bump of being the first game of the series on the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S systems. Yet, it arguably looks worse than last generation’s Battlefield V does on the new systems. Halo Infinite was delayed by a whole year because of the underwhelming graphics and the reaction by fans to the game. Battlefield 2042 may or may not need that much time, but one thing is certain, it’s not graphically ready for release next month.

Next, we have the bugs. It’s almost tradition at this point for a Battlefield game to launch riddled with bugs, server issues, and/or other quality of life issues that need to be fixed over the following year. Battlefield 2042 appears to be no different thus far. In fact, it seems like it is on the exact same path as its predecessor, Battlefield V. That game was also delayed from a late October release to a late November release and we all know that the one month delay didn’t stop Battlefield V from being one of the worst launches in the history of the franchise. It shouldn’t be the case where EA consistently pushes out Battlefield games that are unfinished and in need of several updates to meet a satisfying level of quality.

Hopefully the Battlefield 2042 beta is not indicative of what will be coming out next month. But, based on the franchise’s track record it looks like we could be heading for another rocky Battlefield launch.

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