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It’s hard to believe that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is hitting ten years old. That’s quite a long time, but it’s also hard to believe because this game keeps popping up. Fans are still finding it for the very first time. Likewise, veteran players are going back to enjoy this game regularly. There’s also the fact that this game has a pretty active modding community to ensure that the game runs great and continues to find content. Now it looks like another release from Bethesda is coming out, and we can dive into the title not only to relive the adventure once again but also to enjoy some new content.

While it’s near ten years old, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is incredibly fun to play today. It’s a thrilling fantasy adventure title that has players battling all sorts of enemies. From different factions, cults to mythical monsters, you’ll be fighting your way throughout the lands. Likewise, the storylines are enticing to finish as you aid someone in need or find a valuable item. Don’t tell me you didn’t partake in the Thieves Guild just to get that Skeleton Key. 

Now that the game is gearing up for the big anniversary, Bethesda is releasing a new edition. This anniversary edition of the game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. With it comes the base game, along with all previously released DLC. However, to stand out from other editions, players will get a new feature. Now the game will allow players to fish. It might be a simple little addition, but now it’s being incorporated into the game.

Fortunately, that’s not all that’s been added into the mix. It looks like the video game edition will also come packed with 500 unique Creation Club content. These are detailed community-crafted content such as new spells, weapons, gear, quests, and dungeons. Of course, that’s just naming a few examples, but if you played through the game and are feeling the itch to pick this installment back up, then at least this edition will give players some more content to enjoy. Players can expect this edition of the game to release on November 11, 2021. When it does release, you can find it for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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