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Galerius is the one guy you absolutely must get elected in The Forgotten City. Without his help, there’s no way to free an important character from prison — a character that’s holding an item you need to access the Great Temple. The only way you’re ever getting into that locked cell is if you elect Galerius to a position of power, and nobody really likes this guy. The only way he’ll stand a chance is if he solves everyone’s problems. And he can’t do it alone. Getting Galerius elected is basically the most complicated and involved quest in the game, and doing it will earn you the Greek Plaque — one of the four plaques, and by far the hardest to get.

If you’re struggling to get Galerius elected and free Duli, here’s a full step-by-step breakdown and everything you need to do. It’s a lot.

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How To Elect Galerius & Free Duli

Galerius is the most difficult character to elect in The Forgotten City. To elect him, you need to complete the following pre-requisite steps.

  • Make Malleolus drop out of the election.
  • Convince 3/5 voters to vote for Galerius.

Galerius will not run for office until Galerius drops out. By completing different quests, you’ll be able to send Galerius on errands when you first enter the city at the start of a time loop.

  • How To Make Malleolus Drop Out:
  • Before you can convince Galerius to run for election, Malleolus must drop out. To begin, you need to learn his identity — watch Ulpius commit suicide on the high temple to gain access to the villa.
  • Accuse Malleolus of being Quinctius. Take the key near the front, and go upstairs to talk to Claudia. Give her the bottle of wine in exchange for the love letter.
    • How To Get Wine: Go to the big cavern in the city and collect a bottle of wine from the building inside. This isn’t considered stealing.
  • Now that you have the love letter, you can tell Malleolus to drop out. Also, tell him to release his servants.

Next, we need to complete some helpful quests around town. By helping people, you’ll learn how to help in future cycles — and you can tell Galerius to do these tasks for you, making him more popular. You need to do the following quests yourself before you can tell Galerius to do them in subsequent loops.

  • Save Iulia:
  • To save Iulia, you need Siliphium Resin. Talk to Lucretia in the market to begin this quest. You can get the Siliphium two ways from Desius’s stall — you can pay him, or you can just steal it and trigger the Golden Rule.
  • You can get 4,000 Denarii from the cave near the Slums. A gold statue usually blocks this path. If you trigger the Golden Rule, the statue will move, allowing you to get lots of cash.
  • Take the resin to Lucretia to cure Iulia.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to pay off Ulpius’s debt to win the election.

  • Cure Rufius:
  • To help Vergil, you need to help Rufius first. Talk to Vergil in the Market, then sneak into Rufius’s house later to read his note. You’ll learn that he has rheumatism.
  • Talk to Lucretia at the Shrine of Apollo. Discuss “what’s your story” and learn about the rheumatism patient. Tell her the treatment — find it in the locked chest near the entrance.
  • If you tell her the treatment, she’ll give you the cure. Take it to Rufius and give it to him, then tell Vergil you convinced him to stop the bullying.
  • Save Fabia:
  • To save Fabia from the assassin near the bathhouse, you have two options. Near the shrine, there’s a note that informs you that the building will collapse. If you send Fabia to hide in the shrine, she’ll also get crushed.
  • Either way, you’ll learn that the shrine collapses. Tell Fabia to hide somewhere else, then lie to the Assassin and tell him to look in the shrine. When it collapses, he will be killed and Fabia will be saved.

Now that you have three out of five tasks complete, you can tell Galerius to do these tasks for you. All four of them, infact! He can get elected all on his own while you’re doing other things. You’ll just have to wait another cycle to bring this information with you.

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