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The Forgotten City is one of the most interesting little games of the summer. Released recently on Steam, this time-looping murder mystery adventure is incredibly creative. What started out as a Skyrim mod has become so much more — a full game with a story that respects real history, and you’ll have to put together the pieces yourself. There’s a giant lost Roman city to explore, and your goal is to break the cycle. This is a game that’s mostly about exploration, talking, and figuring out the complex web of choices you need to make for the best conclusion.

And there are battles to fight. In a game that’s mostly about talking to people, there are a few sequences with enemies. If you start out with a certain background, you can begin the game with a gun. But, the gun isn’t exactly the best weapon in the world. If you want to make real progress, you’ll need to acquire the best possible weapon in the game — the Golden Bow. With one arrow, this bow turns anything into solid gold.

How To Get The Golden Bow | Weapon Guide

The Golden Bow is a mythological weapon that can transform anything into solid gold. One shot doesn’t just transform people into gold statues — it also can change water and other objects into gold. Getting it is tricky, and requires multiple steps. First, you’ll need to get yourself a bow.

  • How To Get The Bow
    • The Bow can only be acquired from the Assassin at the Roman Baths. Normally, you won’t have a weapon, and even if you do, you can’t kill him or you’ll set off the Golden Rule.
    • The Assassin will come to kill a Cowering Woman nearby. Talk to her and tell her to hide in the nearby shrine. The shrine will collapse when she hides inside — now you know a method to defeat the assassin.
    • Reset, then talk to the Assassin and lie — tell them to go to the shrine. When it collapses, you can collect the bow from the dead assassin.
  • How To Get The Fake Golden Bow
    • Now that you have a bow, you can fight enemies and kill anyone to instantly reset the timeline.
    • Go to the Market and talk to Desius. He wants to acquire his own Golden Bow. Agree to his quest, and he’ll send you to the Shrine of Diana — he’ll give you a way to enter.
    • He’ll also turn your Bow into a Fake Golden Bow. It looks like a Golden Bow, but it isn’t! We’ll be able to get the real Golden Bow next.
  • How To Get The Real Golden Bow
    • After accepting the quest from Desius, you’ll be able to access the Shrine of Diana. You’ll now have the Fake Golden Bow — you can swap the Real Golden Bow with the Fake Golden Bow.
    • Now you can use it freely!

You’ll have to escape the dungeons in the Shrine of Diana. The area is populated with some creepy monsters, so sneak and take them out with your new bow. You’ll need it to get the Canon Ending.

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