The Idolmaster: Starlit Season ‘Concert Gameplay’ demo for PS4 launches August 5 in Japan, ‘Producer Gameplay’ demo to follow – Gematsu


The Idolmaster: Starlit Season

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer ILCA will release the “Live Game” (Concert Gameplay) demo for The Idolmaster: Starlit Season for PlayStation 4 on August 5 in Japan, followed by a “Produce Game” (Producer Gameplay) demo at a later date, the companies announced.

The “Live Game” demo will feature short commu(nication) scenes with exclusive voice recordings you can only hear in the demo, and three playable songs: “SESSION!,” “Onegai! Cinderella,” and “Spread the Wings!!”

The Idolmaster: Starlit Season

The “Produce Game” demo will allow you to play the opening parts of the game, and save data from the demo can be carried over to the full game when it launches.

The Idolmaster: Starlit Season

Outside of demo news, Bandai Namco also released a new music video for the Project Luminous song “Aishite no Jubaku ~Je vous aime~,” and announced that three 961 Production idols will participate in the game: Leon, Shika, and an unannounced idol.

Finally, the company confirmed that the game will include background music from the original The Idolmaster arcade game as a bonus for early buyers on PlayStation 4, and pre-orders on PC. The fill list of music is as follows:

  • Title / Top Menu – “Main BGM”
  • “Produce Time” Menu – “Morning”
  • “Free Time” Menu – “Sentaku2”
  • “Stage for You!” Menu / “Album” Mode “Commu” – “G_Visual”

The Idolmaster: Starlit Season

The Idolmaster: Starlit Season is due out for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam on October 14 in Japan. A PlayStation 4 demo is also planned.

Watch the latest footage below.

(From 37:00 to 49:05).

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