The Last of Us Episode 8 : Deer Hunting Gone Wrong

HBO’s The last of us penultimate episode is soo good. The emotions were all time high with this one. Bella Ramsay performance as Ellie no doubts in that she’s perfect. The way Bella Ramsay (Ellie) screams during David’s fight was brutal, sad, yet so satisfying. Now, we can say that this HBO’s series is an accurate adaptation of the game The Last of Us Part one.

Episode starts with Ellie taking care of Joel and then she goes to hunting where misses an opportunity to hunt rabbit. Lucky enough Ellie finds an deer and successfully hunts her down and this is where the actual problem starts. The wounded deer ends up on an enemy territory group. One of these were responsible for the injury which Joel’s having.

Ellie negotiates a deal with David that inexchange of deer’s meat she would be expecting an medicine. David the head of the cannibalistic group agrees to it and orders James to bring him 2 vials of penicillin and a syringe. James character was portrayed by the OG Joel aka Troy Baker and his performance was good.

Second half of the episode was so intense with action, ending was so epic the fight also Joel’s interrogation everything crafted with brilliant cinematography. Joel saves Ellie in the end and calls her “baby girl” after 20 years.

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