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We’re starting to see a bit of a trend lately with video game adaptations. After the immense success, we’ve seen with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it looks like there is a push to get the video game adaptations more mainstream. This might mean that the source material is being closely adapted so that the end product will appeal to not only fans of the original video game to newcomers of the IP. One of the ways we’re seeing that being pulled off is not turning every video game adaptation into a movie.

Instead, some adaptations are being made into a television series so that there’s more focus around completing a storyline without making any cuts. One of the more anticipated television series adaptations that are coming out is The Last of Us from developers Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog in general can pull off some incredibly detailed and cinematic-like video game experiences so it makes sense that there is interest in actually adapting their line of video games. We know that Uncharted is getting adapted with a prequel movie and now there is an HBO series adaptation for The Last of Us.

It looks like the production has started for the HBO series. This comes from an image that surfaced online that shows some of the cast together. Gabriel Luna posted a photo that features himself, Pedro Pascal, and Nico Parker. All three are playing characters in the adaptation which will be Tommy, Joel, and Sarah. It was recently unveiled that Nico Parker would be taking the role of Joel’s daughter Sarah.

While none of the cast looks to be in uniform from the series, it does show that they are at least together with filming likely underway now. Perhaps we’ll start to see some photos emerge from the set and cast in their proper attire to match the video game counterparts. In the meantime, you can check out the latest photo in the embed below. 

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