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Credit: Neil Druckmann

We’ve finally got pictures of the show version of The Last of Us. Well, one picture, to be more precise. And while it’s not much to go on, it’s enough that I think worried gamers can be assured that the show is adhering to the look of the game, if nothing else. The image shared on Twitter does look about as much as the game IRL as can be considering we can’t see any faces.

The picture shows the back of the two lead characters, Joel and Ellie, as they stare out at an empty field. It was posted to Twitter by Naughty Dog scribe Neil Druckmann, who said that he saw the two lead actors, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay, in costume, he said, “It’s Joel & Ellie!” It says something about the characters that they’ve managed to make a denim jacket and a red hoodie iconic enough that you immediately know it’s them just from seeing their actors from the back.

The show has been in production for a while, with filming on the pilot episode having allegedly wrapped in August. The filming locations have largely been in Canada, and the show is set to be the most expensive ever filmed in the country, with a reported cost of $10 million an episode.

No shade to the costume and makeup artists, however, but that’s the relatively easy part in adapting this show. I want to see what the creatures look like in the show. If they can make a convincing Clicker — or better yet, if they can have a really good Clicker prosthetic on an actor — I will feel much more excited about it. Also, this is all dependent on how much chemistry the two actors have, which we won’t know until we see the show. I’m hopeful, however — both of the actors are good.


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