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The Last of Us

Given the massive critical success of The Last of Us, it’s no wonder that fans are desperate for the series to continue. No matter what Naughty Dog developers or actors do, those keeping an eagle eye on the studio for new developments are always sniffing around for clues on the next installment–and recently, the talk of the town has been a long-awaited The Last of Us multiplayer title, confirmed now to be in development. In a blog post made by Naughty Dog’s senior manager of communications Rochelle Snyder, fans were told to keep patient, and that the game would only be publically shown in any capacity “when it’s ready.” Going on, Snyder asks fans to give the developers more time to work on this “ambitious project.” She was also quick to add that the studio is now hiring for more multiplayer-related positions, so it wouldn’t hurt to check out Naughty Dog’s hiring page if you’re in the market.

It’s not clear whether this multiplayer project is something being added to an existing The Last of Us title, or is something standalone, although a recent job listing on the Naughty Dog website mentioned something regarding the studio’s ‘first standalone multiplayer game.’ Several multiplayer assets buried deep within The Last of Us Part 2 were reported last month, along with possible plans for a battle royale mode. During the development of the game’s sequel, fans were devastated after developers scrapped plans for an online multiplayer mode after the title’s single-player campaign became larger in scope and ambition. We don’t know what the future will hold for the series, but fans certainly know what they want. We can only hope Naughty Dog steps up to the plate with something as memorable as The Last of Us Part 2.

The Last of Us was originally released in 2013, with a sequel coming in June 2020 to massive and outspoken acclaim. A television adaptation is now in production for HBO.


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