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The Medium Will Make Use Of The Different DualSense Features – Gameranx


Several games helped hyped up the upcoming launch of next-generation console power. The Medium was just one of the several games that fan’s couldn’t wait for. Initially, the title was released for the Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms. However, we now know the game is coming to the PlayStation 5 next month.

After the timed exclusivity with the Xbox Series X/S console platform, the game is making its way to the PlayStation 5. As a result, fans likely assumed that Bloober Team would use the DualSense throughout the gameplay. With the PlayStation 5 console release, Sony tweaked the controller and rebranded their DualShock controller to the DualSense. With this latest controller, players would have access to a more haptic feedback rumble system along with trigger resistance. In addition, a new trailer has come out to highlight how The Medium will work with the DualSense controller.

This controller will allow players to feel when they’re being attacked from different positions. Likewise, the resistant triggers will play a role with the spirit blasts that the main protagonist can unleash. Although, there were some elements from the DualShock 4 that made its way to the DualSense. One of those is the speaker, which you can expect Bloober Team to use as well, such as audio cues when breaking a chain with a bolt cutter. 

Currently, The Medium will be releasing on the PlayStation 5 this September 3, 2021. Meanwhile, those who have an Xbox Series X/S or a capable gaming PC can enjoy the game right now. In fact, to get a bit more insight into The Medium we suggest checking out our Before You Buy. After the release of The Medium on the PlayStation 5, there’s likely going to be plenty of anticipation of what Bloober Team brings out next after they have partnered up with Konami


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