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A murderous man is coming to murder you in Twelve Minutes. This man claims to be police, but he isn’t — he’s a killer trying to rob you, then kill you. The man, only known as the Cop, kicks down your door no matter what you do. You can’t stab him with a knife (he’s too fast) and you can’t run away. To beat the Cop, you’ll have to figure out a clever trap. Too bad just killing him won’t solve your Time Loop problem. There’s much more to this story, and you’ll need to talk to the Cop to get more information.

Nothing is as simple as it appears in Twelve Minutes. Talking to the Cop and getting information is only possible once you’ve found the Pocket Watch and learned more from your Wife. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ask the Cop many useful questions during the interrogation. And you’re going to have to get pretty ruthless or the Cop will escape. You can finally get your hands on a gun. Check out how to complete the next steps of Twelve Minutes below.

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Step #1: Learn About Your Wife’s Past

With the Pocket Watch, we can finally get more details about what happened with her Father and why the Cop is trying to murder us.

  • Once you have the Pocket Watch (use a Knife to open the Vent under the Medicine Cabinet in the Restroom) your Wife will finally admit she killed her father.
  • Go through all the dialogue options on the next loop. Once your Wife admits it, you can very quickly convince her that you’re in a Time Loop. Now you can freely discuss her past and learn what transpired.

Step #2: Turn The Tables

We now have more details about what transpired. We need to know, because now we’re going to interrogate the Cop. Before we can do that, we have to figure out how to trick the Cop and get the jump on him.

  • Reset. Collect a Mug and go into the Restroom.
  • Use the Restroom Sink to fill the Mug, and collect the Sleeping Pills from the Medicine Cabinet.
  • Put the Sleeping Pills in a Mug Filled With Water. Make sure the door is closed so your Wife doesn’t see.
  • Place the Mug With Sleeping Pills on the left side of the Couch when your Wife is reading. She’ll eventually drink it. After drinking, she’ll go to bed.
  • Flip the Bedroom Light switch on once, then off — now the switch is set to electrocute the Cop when he arrives.
  • Hide in the Closet until the Cop arrives. He’ll explore the apartment and enter the Bedroom. When he uses the Light, he’ll shock himself.

Step #3: Interrogate The Cop For Answers

Once the Cop is unconscious, we can begin interrogating him for answers. You can kill him now, but the Time Loop will reset no matter what at 2 AM. We have to uncover what really happened.

  • When you hear the Cop shock himself unconscious, leave the Closet and check the body. Take the Zip-Ties, Gun, Knife, and Phone.
  • Use the Zip-Tie Handcuffs on the Cop. Now you can talk to him when he wakes up.
    • He won’t cooperate. If you take too long, he’ll stand up and attack. Select the Gun and shoot him in the leg to prevent that.
  • Go through all his dialogue options. Ask him about the Watch, the Murder Charges, and the Nanny.
  • Ask “How was her father murdered?” and he’ll say she came back on New Year’s Eve to murder her father.
  • Leave the conversation and show the Cop the Polaroid on the Fridge. This proves your Wife is innocent.
    • Go through the new Dialogue Options. Ask about the Nanny.
  • After the conversation, check the Cop’s phone. Read through the messages. Before 2AM, call the number for Bumblebee, the Cop’s Daughter. This will memorize the number.

Now you’ve learned something new. Your Wife might not have actually killed her Father. The Cop has a daughter with Cancer.

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