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The final puzzles of Twelve Minutes require extremely precise decisions — you need to set things up with the right information. Timing is important, and we won’t blame you for being lost. The story really takes a swerve (or three) here, so if you’re struggling to make new discoveries, we’ve got the answers below. We’re trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum, so you’ll only learn new details as they become extremely relevant for making story decisions.

The final choices are going to really throw you for a loop. No matter what, the loop just keeps continuing — the only way to break the cycle is to learn the truth at the heart of this story. Something just doesn’t add up, and if you look very carefully, you will notice something changing as you progress in the story. One single object that’s different after each loop. We won’t spoil it here, but its impossible to miss once you realize what’s really going on.

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Step #1: Learn More From Your Wife

We now know why the Cop wants to kill your Wife, we have Bumblebee’s phone number (taken from the Cop’s phone) and we have proof that our Wife did not actually kill her father — revealed by showing the Cop the Polaroid on the Fridge.

  • Talk to your Wife and prove there is a Time Loop again. Talk about her Past, then “Tell her the polaroid proves she didn’t kill him.”
  • Next, talk about her past and go through all the Dialogue Options. Ask about her father’s affair and the nanny.
  • Ask about the Nanny’s kid (Wife’s brother) and where the brother could be now.
  • Tell her about the Cop and the Cop’s connection to her past.
  • When the cop arrives, you’ll try to talk to him but he won’t listen.

Step #2: Convince The Cop

The Cop won’t listen unless you provide some extra convincing. We can end things without violence, finally.

  • Call Bumblebee at the start of the loop using the Phone in the Closet. You have to move fast. Tell her that your wife is innocent. Do not mention the Time Loop.
  • Talk to your Wife again. Prove the Time Loop. You’ll immediately tell her everything.
  • Talk to your wife. You can skip ahead to the Cop arrival by selecting “Let’s wait for him to arrive.”
  • When the Cop arrives, Bumblebee will call him. Look through the Peephole to see the conversation.
  • Talk to him. He will now be much more receptive to talking. Your Wife will tell him to look at the Polaroid on the Fridge. Don’t interrupt the Cop.
  • Your Wife will do all the talking. Let them talk and she’ll give him the Pocket Watch. He’ll tell you a little more about your Wife’s Brother.

You’ll learn a little bit more about the “Monster”.

Step #3: Finding The Real Killer

That wasn’t enough. Now we need to discover who the real killer was.

  • Again, call Bumblebee at the start of the Time Loop using the Phone in the Closet. Tell her your Wife is innocent.
  • Prove the Time Loop is real to your Wife again. Talk about her past, and select “Find more about the brother being the killer.”
  • Now skip ahead to the confrontation with the Cop. The Wife will do all the talking, and you’ll learn more about “Monster” — the real killer.
  • The conversation will play out automatically. Don’t interrupt. At the end, you’ll learn the Nanny had a “flowery” name.

Step #4: Remembering The Nanny’s Name

Now we need to remember the Nanny’s name. Remember that present in the closet? There’s a big clue.

  • Repeat the previous step. Call Bumblebee, tell her your Wife is innocent. Talk to your Wife, prove the Time Loop is real.
  • Go to the Bedroom Drawer and collect the Present. Open it to gain the Baby Clothes that say “Dahlia” on them.
  • Talk to your Wife to skip ahead to the Cop. Let the conversation play out, then show the Cop the Baby Clothes (use the Baby Clothes on the Cop) to make him remember.

This triggers a change in the Time Loop.

Step #5: The End

Things are slightly different now.

  • Get the Knife and use it on the Vent under the Medicine Cabinet (Restroom) to to gain the Pocket Watch.
  • You’ll see that the watch is running backwards.
  • You’ll reappear in a different Time Loop. There are two choices. Neither will get you to the ending.
  • To complete the game, don’t choose either option. Click on the Red Book on the bookshelf just below your character. Don’t click on the Dialogue Option that appears.

NOTE: Clicking the Red Book will only work if you’ve talked to your Wife about the Book she’s reading. When she sits down, click on the Red Book for multiple loops to memorize a passage.

And that’s it. The credits will roll. You’ve reached the final Time Loop.

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