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Twelve Minutes is a tense new adventure game with a very scary premise. You have twelve minutes before a man breaks into your room to kill you and your wife. You enter into this situation with no information, and through repetition, you’ll be able to unravel what is going on and why. There’s a bigger story here. And your first goal is finding a hidden Pocket Watch. After the very first break in, your assailant demands to know where the Pocket Watch is located.

And nobody knows what he’s talking about. In very subtle ways, you can engineer the situation, using knowledge you’ve gained from each loop to figure out new strategies and avenues. You can complete things in any order you want, but without the right information, you’re clueless when it comes to the conversations. If you’re lost and need help navigating the labyrinthine puzzles of Twelve Minutes, we’ve got a straightforward guide covering how to complete your first major milestone — actually finding the Pocket Watch.

Step #1: Learning About Dahlia

For the first loop, let’s act as if nothing is wrong and try to complete the night like our wife imagined it. We’ll learn some crucial information required for later.

  • Get the Fake Rock from the Plant, then inspect the Fake Rock in your inventory to acquire the House Keys.
  • Use the House Keys on Front Door to start the first loop.

Once you enter your apartment, you won’t be able to leave. If you want to quickly reset a Time Loop, leave through the front door.

  • In your apartment, turn on the Light (right of the front door) then collect both Mugs.
  • Use the Mugs on the Sink, then collect the two Plates in the Fridge. Place the two Mugs With Water and Plates onto the table. Talk to your Wife and tell her that you’re ready for desert.
  • Sit down while your Wife gets everything ready. Once the lights are off and the music is on, use the Plate and Mug to eat / drink. Your Wife will give you a Present. Open it and then look at the Baby Clothes in your inventory.
  • Ask “Why Dahlia?” and then continue the conversation. She’ll ask if you’d like to dance. Agree to dance — at this point, the Cop should arrive very soon.
  • Let the rest of the conversation play out. Sit and listen to the Cop talk to your Wife after he breaks in.

Step #2: Proving The Time Loop

We need more information. This step isn’t strictly required, but it will help you learn about what is going on and why.

  • After recovering, you now have an objective. You need to convince your Wife to show you where the Watch is located. Talk to your Wife and select “Prove the day is restarting.”
    • Select the Window (or select the Thunder option if you’ve done it already). Make sure you do this before the storm rolls in.
    • Select “Choose what to prove with” and look at the Drawer (Bedroom) and the Present.
  • Now she’ll believe you. Talk to her about her Father, about her Past, and about the Watch. Demand to know where to find the watch.
  • She’ll get frustrated no matter what. Exhaust all the dialogue options until she refuses to talk to you.

IMPORTANT INFO: Before you continue, you’ll also want to learn that the Bedroom Light switch can electrocute you. Turn it on for a small shock, then turn it off, then turn it on a second time to get electrocuted so much you get knocked out.

Step #3: Finding The Watch

Your Wife won’t tell you where the watch is hidden. Instead, we have to set things up so she’ll talk to the Cop.

  • To find the Watch, DO NOT ALERT your Wife. Immediately enter the Closet through the door to the left. Close the door and watch.
  • Because you didn’t alert her, she won’t realize you’re home, and won’t alert the Cop to your presence. Wait and listen. She’ll reveal the location of the Watch.
  • The Pocket Watch is located in the Vent under the Medicine Cabinet in the Bathroom.
  • Reset, then grab the Knife from the Counter. Enter the Restroom, close the door and look at the Medicine Cabinet. Use the Knife on the Vent at the very bottom.

We finally have the Pocket Watch. With this watch in your inventory, you can get information out of your Wife much faster.

  • Take the Pocket Watch to your Wife and tell her you know she’d hiding something in the vent. You’ll tell her you’re stuck in a Time Loop. She’ll ask you to prove it.
  • Again, prove it by telling her about the Thunder and about the Present in the Bedroom Drawer.
  • Now she’ll finally tell you what happened to her father.

You’ll finally learn the truth. Your Wife killed her Father. At least, it appears that way. There’s still more to this story. If you want to survive, our next goal is beating the Cop.

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