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There are multiple ways to end the story in Twelve Minutes — and all of them are pretty secret. Some of them aren’t strictly “endings”, just special encounters you can play out that feel like an attempt to complete the story that just doesn’t work. Some of these are pretty difficult to get, and require specific interactions to setup. If you’re interested in earning some of the trickier achievements in Twelve Minutes, this is how to do it.

Twelve Minutes is a time loop adventure game where you have exactly 12 minutes to stop a deadly encounter. A Cop arrives in your apartment in 10 minutes, and he kills you in 2. You’ll have to figure out what he wants, why he’s doing this, and how everyone is involved. You don’t have much time, but through clever interactions, you can slowly piece together this very strange puzzle. And these endings are mini-puzzles all on their own.

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How To Get All Endings

There are a total of 6 endings (or near-endings) in Twelve Minutes. The first three endings are “true” endings — you’ll reach the ending credits, and can only perform these endings once per playthrough. The last three endings can be done all on the same playthrough, and do not “end” the loop.

For details on how to reach the very end of the game, check out the walkthroughs listed above. Walkthrough Part 3 has all the answers you’ll need.

Continue Ending

This is a “true” ending that leads to ending credits. Doing this will get you the “Continue” achievement.

  • Pre-requisite: Before attempting this ending, you need to look at the red Book your Wife reads when she sits down. Select the Book to learn more about it. Make sure to do this on multiple loops to memorize a phrase from the book.
  • On the second interrogation sequence with Father, select the red Book on the bookshelf directly behind your character.
  • Don’t select a dialogue option and allow the rest of the scene to play out.

Mindfulness Ending

This is another “true” ending and will lead to the ending credits. Doing this will unlock the “Mindfulness” achievement.

  • To get this ending, you have to wait out the second interrogation sequence with the Father. You need to reach 12:00 on the clock.
  • To do this, wait and let the Father talk. After about a minute, he’ll threaten to hit you. To stop it, select the red Book on the shelf directly below your character.
  • This will give you the full two minutes you need to get this ending.

Alone Ending

This is not a strict “true” ending, but it does lock you into a different loop. You can perform this ending, then get one of the previous two endings (Continue / Mindfulness). Doing this unlocks the “Alone” achievement.

  • During the second interrogation sequence with the Father, agree to leave things alone and not continue pursuing a relationship.

Confessed Ending

The following three endings aren’t official endings and won’t lead to the credits. You can complete all of these only very late in the game, once you’ve learned the truth from the Cop. These endings can only be done after the first father interrogation sequence.

  • Call Bumblee with the closet Phone and tell her to talk to the Cop.
  • Talk to your Wife. Prove the time loop is real, then talk about her past.
  • Tell her that you are the killer. Go through all the dialogue.
  • Collect the Pocket Watch before the Cop arrives.
  • When the Cop arrives, your Wife will do all the talking. Confess to the Cop.
  • Give the Cop the Watch, and the scene will play out.

Once your Wife locks herself in the restroom, you can leave through the front door to unlock the “Confessed” achievement.

Coward Ending

This ending can be done earlier in the story. You can work with the Cop before calling Bumblebee. You need to talk to the Cop and learn more about the situation — and learn where the Watch is. You don’t need to know the true identity of the killer yet.

  • At the start of the loop, get the Mug and fill it with water. Combine with Sleeping Pills and give to your Wife to knock her out.
  • Flip on, then off — the Light in the bedroom. You need to use it to knock out the Cop. Just set it up for now.
  • Get the Phone from the Closet and the Pocket Watch from the Vent in the restroom.
  • Hide in the Closet when the Cop arrives. Let him knock himself out with the Light.
  • Take only one handcuff from the Cop and nothing else. Use the cuffs on the Cop to tie him up.
  • Talk to him when he wakes up and agree to cooperate. Follow his instructions. You’ll give him the phone and the watch.

Doing these exact actions will unlock the “Coward” achievement.

Groundhog Ending

To get this ending / achievement, you need to have enough information to contact Bumblebee on the Phone. Then, we need to set things up so we can have a nice uninterrupted night with our Wife.

  • Use the Phone to call Bumblee and tell her the Cop is planning on killing. Tell her everything instead of just that the “Wife is innocent”. The Cop will be interrupted and won’t go through with it.
  • Next, prepare the table. Place the Plates from the Fridge. Fill both Mugs with water and place them. Then tell your Wife you’re ready.
  • Go along with the surprise. When she asks, agree to dance. Continue to play along for a perfect 20 minutes.

The Cop will never arrive for this ending, and you’ll earn the “Groundhog” achievement.

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