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Do you remember Twisted Metal? This car combat game franchise was an iconic exclusive to the PlayStation line of consoles. After first appearing on the original PlayStation console, the IP continued to find its way onto Sony’s latest console platforms. That was until after the launch of the 2012 reboot for the PlayStation 3. So it’s been a long time for this IP to say on ice. But that might mean the Sony company is looking to bring this series back out into the forefront once again.

A Twisted Metal show is in development and that would make it an excellent opportunity to bring the video game franchise back out. According to a report by Jeff Grubb from Giant Bomb, it looks like Sony is currently working on a reboot. Unfortunately, this video game installment is said to be in early development for the PlayStation 5. So we might not hear about it for a good little while. However, with that said, with the power of the PlayStation 5, we could see quite the powerhouse installment for the franchise.

Again, this is just rumors right now as this announcement has yet to become official. Some fans felt that the game would appear during the PlayStation stream yesterday. Unfortunately, the IP didn’t appear, which could mean that the development is still far too early to get any big announcement.

For now, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to come out. Despite not having a new installment since 2012, this franchise still has a strong following. If this game does come out for the PlayStation 5, it would be interesting to see what changes Sony makes to use the power of this latest-generation console hardware. Additionally, we have the DualSense, which could provide more immersive haptic feedback.


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