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Ubisoft is apparently working on a new project or at least one they haven’t announced yet. New job listings on the company’s website seem to hint at a big project, with several of the job listings explicitly calling it “exciting.” There’s no word yet exactly on what this could be, but it’s always fun to speculate. The job listings imply that the game is going to be very large, maybe even an MMO.

The one thing the job listings have in common is that they are for Ubisoft’s Stockholm office, which at last report was working on the company’s upcoming Avatar game. GameRant, which spotted the job listings, was the first to speculate that the game in question could be an MMO, as the descriptions imply that the game is going to be very large — several of the job listings call the project “highly ambitious.”

One listing is for a senior game designer who will be responsible for “the design and implementation of NPCs and enemy combatants” and another is for a technical narrative designer who will “design and implementation of procedural systems that will drive the narrative for our game and enable our players to experience emergent stories and memorable moments.” I can’t say for sure that’s an MMO, but it does sound like one, I admit.

There are a couple of possibilities about what this project could be. The listings may say “Unannounced Project,” but let’s have a little Friday fun here and speculate what this could be referring to. We know, for example, that Ubisoft is working on a Star Wars MMO now that EA no longer has exclusive rights to develop for the IP. It was announced earlier this year, but we’ve not heard many details about it. There’s also a chance this could be referring to Assassin’s Creed Infinity, the platform from which Ubisoft intends to launch its AC games in the future — that could be an MMO if you squint.


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