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With every new console that comes out into the marketplace, there’s excitement. Fans can’t wait to get their hands on a unit and it usually means limited stock being available after the number of pre-orders. Still, that usually ends after so long with more players finding an easier time coming across these units at their favorite nearby retailer. However, things are a bit different this time around. Thanks to the worldwide pandemic, a lot of changes were made in how players received their units. 

This worldwide pandemic had played a role on all of us in some fashion. For the likes of Sony and Microsoft, it changed up just about everything in terms of marketing along with launching their new console platforms. With marketplaces shutdown and quarantine, the way both manufacturers had to highlight their consoles was digital. There were videos, teasers, trailers, and breakdowns for their upcoming consoles. We knew the new features that were coming with each console and what to expect in terms of performance, but these were upcoming consoles that most of us couldn’t actually get a hold of to try out at various demo kiosks.

Now the big problem is getting these units. While both Microsoft and Sony have released their latest generation of console gaming into the marketplace, finding a unit is a tough task. Stock is low with jobs being shut down and quarantined during the pandemic. Likewise, when units were sent to retailers, resellers and bots quickly purchased everything up. Again, as a result, consumers are put in a tough position of either buying a marked-up priced unit or waiting for stock to become available. 

However, interestingly enough, Walmart is looking to make some upgrades for consumers. One Twitter user shared an email online that his PlayStation 5 digital model was sold out after he purchased a unit. This fiasco is leading Walmart to upgrade a console to the model featuring a disc drive as they currently have the digital units unavailable. This is all coming at no extra cost and it will allow the consumer to receive their console quicker than having to wait for a new stock of units to arrive. We’re not sure just how many consumers were given these free upgrades, but this might be an upgrade some players might find to be a welcomed surprise. 

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