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WWE 2K22 has a lot riding on it. The fan base has been very vocal over the last installment, WWE 2K20. With the number of bugs and glitches, fans were finding the development to this series was lacking severely. However, that wasn’t the only group who were disappointed over the state WWE 2K20 launched within. A report from Sports Game Online has sources claiming WWE was also ready to move on from Take-Two Interactive and 2K Sports.

Sources for SGO claimed that WWE meetings were threats of finding another publisher. However, it looks like that a contract has a multi-year agreement is preventing that move. Still, the developers have expressed their frustration over the working environment. The sources claim that there is plenty of second-guessing happening as the studio strives to get everything right this time around. With fans to look after and WWE, it can be quite a stressful venture to go through.

To make matters worse, the delay happened, which was another conflict between WWE and the developers. While WWE wanted to see the game release on time, as usual, enough support granted the studio time to push the game back. This also is helpful as the studio is working on a ton of content from the ground up for this installment. Additionally, there’s also the constantly shifting roster of athletes in the WWE as of late.

While a source for SGO has claimed that this is the most outdated roster a game has seen so far, it might be fixed with this new delay. If you don’t recall, WWE 2K22 has recently been delayed out of this year. Now the new launch window has been placed for March of 2022. Hopefully, by then, we can expect a wrestling game that fans will take up with. With that said, we’re still waiting on the platforms the game will be launching on.


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