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There is a massive fan base for professional wrestling. This entertainment sport has thrived over the years, and one of the biggest promotions out there is WWE. The company has also thrived in the video game industry with different video game releases. From various console platforms, arcade-style games to more simulation-like experiences, WWE video games are bountiful.

However, the WWE 2K series could use some work. After the release of WWE 2K20, the fan feedback was critical. The massive amount of bugs and glitches caused 2K to rethink the franchise’s future a bit. As a result, the WWE 2K21 installment was scrapped, and work was created from the ground up. A lot is riding on WWE 2K22, and it was recently unveiled the game is taking a bit longer to develop. For fans that we’re hopeful to see this installment hit the marketplace this year, you’re out of luck.

Instead, during SummerSlam, fans were given a new trailer to highlight this game. Along with it came the new release date for March of 2022. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific release date outside of that just yet. However, this should give the development team more time to craft up this next installment and solid fans’ experience. Meanwhile, the executive producer, Patrick Gilmore, has taken to Twitter to ensure fans about the future of previous video game titles.

After the cancellation of WWE 2K21, we got the news that WWE 2K19 is still receiving support. That’s what you can expect going forward as well. It looks like the past two installments will continue to find support even after WWE 2K22 launches. Although, we don’t know just how long the games will be supported after the launch of WWE 2K22. Still, this is good news to those who want to continue enjoying these past games even if the latest installment is readily available.


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