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For wrestling fans, there was a major PPV event just this past weekend. Fans were able to watch the big SummerSlam event, which is always a big hitter. During the event, we got the latest look at the anticipated WWE video game. I’m, of course, referring to the WWE 2K series, which hasn’t had a new installment in a couple of years now. Those of you who were hoping to receive a new installment this year will be disappointed. It looks like the development studio needs just a bit more time to get WWE 2K22 out into the marketplace.

We first got a test for this game during WrestleMania 37. Now during SummerSlam, fans have another sneak peek. Unfortunately, if you were expecting this game to come out this year then you’ll be disappointed. It looks like things are being pushed to 2022 as the teaser unveiled a March 2022 launch window. There’s no specific release date attached to this project just yet, but again that should hopefully change soon. Furthermore, plenty of fans out there are waiting on details when it comes to the game modes.

After the criticisms and poor reviews for WWE 2K20, it was clear that the development team at Visual Concepts needed to make adjustments. This new upcoming installment was said to use a new engine, and with it, plenty of improvements to the gameplay should come. While it’s said to be a smoother experience than before, the real test will be when fans can play the game. There should be quite a bit riding on this since WWE 2K went dormant after WWE 2K20.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait a bit before we get more information. Another aspect that fans are currently speculating is just what athletes will make the cover. Only time will tell, but this should be an interesting release because this installment will be the successor to the WWE 2K20 release and because we have AEW working on their own video game for fans.


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