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Xbox Cloud Gaming is a massive venture for Microsoft. While we’ve seen new platforms release for years and a period where past consoles are phased out, Microsoft is changing that up. Instead, the company is building up an Xbox ecosystem. While we are not quite there with a giant ecosystem, it does look like the last-generation Xbox One console will still be a relevant platform to play the latest Xbox Series X/S video games.

This news comes from the Xbox Gamescom streaming event. Microsoft unveiled that they are bringing out Xbox Cloud Gaming to console platforms this holiday season. That means you can enjoy cloud gaming on your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and, more importantly, the Xbox One. Yep, that’s right, and you don’t have to phase the console out from your house anytime soon. We imagine that’s a big win for those who are having a tough time just trying to get their hands on an Xbox Series X/S console unit right now.

The latest-generation console platforms are hard to come by. However, for Xbox exclusives and likely a string of third-party video games as well, they should be available for Xbox One through cloud gaming. It should be interesting to see how latency handles consoles when the game service opens up this holiday season. Right now, the service is available for PC and mobile devices. Although, you’ll need to be on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier to enjoy cloud streaming.

With this tier, you’ll get access to Xbox Game Pass as well. This is where you’ll find the games to stream. It’s a great way to try video game titles out as well. Since games can be so massive in size, taking up storage space to try out might not be ideal for players. This way, you can keep the games you love on your hard drive while also having a massive catalog of video games to try streaming.

Fortunately, Microsoft is constantly adding new video game titles into the mix. As a result, players will be finding video games popping up that are both exclusive to Xbox, along with a slew of third-party video games as well. For now, we have to wait until the official release date is announced. From there it will be interesting how well the service handles for players.


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