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The state of the video game industry right now is pretty interesting. We recently received two new console platforms, and even Valve is coming out with their own hybrid device called the Steam Deck. We’re also seeing more focus on the PC platform. Even Sony is starting to allow their PlayStation exclusives to receive PC ports. Another move we’re seeing is cloud gaming, and Microsoft is pressing forward with their Xbox Game Pass service.

Initially, Xbox released the Game Pass subscription service to download and install their catalog of video games. You would obviously need the power of Xbox consoles along with PCs to enjoy these games. However, they did start to move towards cloud gaming, with android mobile devices getting the first taste of AAA gaming on the go. That eventually moved to PC platforms, and we’re bound to see this service cloud feature spread to other platforms. We’ve heard regards to even smart TVs receiving an application for Game Pass or an HDMI device in the past.

Others were hopeful that the Xbox Game Pass would also hit competitor console platforms like the Nintendo Switch. However, that’s not something we’ll see happen anytime soon as Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, spoke with Gamesradar. Phil Spencer stated that competitor platforms are not interested in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service during their conversation. That does make sense as this could disrupt the already established plans of competitors.

Regardless, it does look like Microsoft would be open to discussions if any platforms would like to receive the Xbox Game Pass service. For now, it’s a waiting game to see where all the service will end up hitting. Likewise, it may take some time to work out all the bugs to ensure Game Pass streaming is smooth with as little latency as possible. 


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