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List of Winners Steam Game Awards 2023

End of the year 2023 Steam announces the winners of Game Awards.

We’ve entered 2024 and many Gaming Platforms  awards hosted their own award shows.The full list of Steam Game Awards 2023 is here.

Previously on 7 December 2023 The Game Awards 2023 concluded with Baldur’s gate as the best game of the year 2023.

Steam Awards 2023 Winners 

Shortlisting begins during Autumn sales and winners will be announced at the end of the year.This repeats every year.So here are the winners of Steam Awards 2023

Game of the Year-

The Game of the Year title goes to Baldur’s Gate 3

The Labor of Love-

The Labor of love award goes to Red Dead Redemption 2

VR Game of the year-

VR game of the year award goes to Labyrinthine

Better with Friends-

 Lethal Company is the winner

Best Game on Steam Deck-

Title goes to Hogwarts Leacy

Outstanding Visual Styles

Outstanding Visual Styles award goes to Atomic Heart

Most Innovative Gameplay

Starfield is the winner

Best Game You Suck At

Sifu  is the title winner

Best Soundtrack 

The Last of Us

Outstanding Story-Rich Game

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the winner

Sit Back and Relax

Dave The Diver is the title winner.

Final Words

All these awards are based on fan votes. Still there are some heated arguments going on regarding some categories. However Steam hosts and publish the awards based on fan votes it might get involved sometimes. Comment your opinion below.


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