This is the official month of Like a Dragon : Infinite Wealth 

January 1st was the birthday of Ichiban Kasuga. He is the main protagonist of Yakuza 7 : Like a Dragon. Yakuza is known for its characters among them Kiryu Kazuma is a fan favorite but ever since the studio announced that they are introducing a new main character named Ichiban Kasuga in the Yakuza 7 and it caused a turmoil among the fans. Players don’t want to play as a new character in the Yakuza game but turns out this game was so different and the fun was still there. 

And this is a sequel to Yakuza 7 : Like a Dragon and its releasing on January 26, 2024 Like a Dragon : Infinite Wealth 

Developers of this game are happy with the pre-order sales. Gameplay of Infinite Wealth revealed that the game still follows JRPG means Japanese Role-playing games. However, Kiryu Kazuma is also available in the game. This time as a playable character. 

Story takes on a different map; most of the yakuza games would be on the streets of Japan. This time it’s on Hawaii

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