CD PROJECT RED Finally releases CYBERPUNK 2077 humongous patch 1.2 and its full of bug fixes.

Cyberpunk was released way back in late last year 2020. But we all know that game is packed with full of crazy bugs glitches and error. On launch day when was released it was literally unplayable on consoles like the Playstation 4 both slim and pro, xbox one and xbox one x. were crashing like crazy. due to the backlash from the cyberpunk fans developers from the CD PROJECT RED allowed full refund to its game who bought the game. Even sony pulled the game from its store and offered full refunds

The following massive 1.2 patch fixes bugs related to the game design, animation, and even fixed the numerous issue’s of its user interface. Improved its graphics and performance in the under power machines like ps4 xbox one

Developers of cyberpunk 2077 trying to optimize the game for its machines to get smooth gaming. by releasing the patches as stated by the team they are working on releasing future patches

You can find the full list at the cyberpunk 2077 website.

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