Why You Should Watch Spy x Family Anime Series

Spy x Family is right now the trending anime series out there. Everyone is talking about this Anime and how cool it is. So, Here in this article I will be discussing Spy x Family Anime. Is it really worth watching?

The story revolves around the Spy named Twilight who has to build his family inorder to execute his mission. Later he finds the girl from the orphanage who happens to be a telepathy after adopting a girl ANYA. Spy now has to find a woman and get married. Fortunately, He finds a woman named YOR who is an assassin in disguise.

Why You Should Watch Spy x Family Anime Series

What makes this anime so interesting is that all these three characters are living together happily. But the thing is that they are hiding their real personalities. Loid an undercover Spy, Yor an skilled assassin and Anya an telepathy user.

Spy x Family Latest Episode 10 Recap :

Recent Episode of Spy x Family Anya is training under Yor for the DodgeBall game. Rumor is that the winner of the dodgeball game will be rewarded a stella. Anya with her ability to read other people’s mind she predicts every move of his opponent. In the end only Anya and the second of Desmond are on the field.

Second son of Desmond saves Anya from getting hit. Now Anya has the opportunity to serve. Now Anya remembers all those vigorous training with her mother. Little bit of flashback appears as Yor demonstrates how to serve the ball. As we expected, Yor is pretty strong and the animation was really good.

Anya takes the stance and is ready to throw the ball. Animation gets serious tension around the players in the room and the viewers are getting excited for this moment but Anya fails successfully. Well Spy x Family is such an wholesome anime series and its worth watching.


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