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Last of us episode 7 review : The electric stairs

Last of us series been a massive hit for an game adaptation it has been produced by the HBO. Fans all around the world are bewildered by this show because cause didn’t expected it would turned out to be this good. The previous episode of the last of us ended on a cliffhanger ever since the episode 6 of the last of us series dropped fans been waiting round the clock for the release of episode 7. studios behind the series confirmed that the episode 7 would be the DLC version of the TLOU game Left Behind.

Last of us episode 7 review : playing mortal kombat

Episode 7 starts with some Ellie’s backstory which we didn’t see during the gameplay of the DLC Last of us Left Behind. The episode showcases Ellie way back when she was in the FEDRA (The military organization). after a series of events riley meets Ellie (her best friend) Riley promises Ellie that joined the rival organization known as the fireflies. Ellie was convinced by her friend RIley that she should go with her for a night full of suprises.

Ellie astonished by the escalator calls it electric stairs and she plays with it. Riley promised Ellie in the episode 7 of The Last of Us that there are four wonders in the shopping mall. Episode 7 has some intimate moments which are quite good but when these plays the vintage Mortal Kombat arcade game it makes us feel good and it is watching them having fun.

Ellie concerned about Riley leaving her best friend forever and going to Atlanta. The cinematography is quite good the clicker scene was so good and intense. However all of their fun activities should come to an end. Sadly, we know the ending of the The Last of us Left Behind. Episode 7 of the Last of us Left Behind is worth watching


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