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The Last of Us OG Joel Miller aka Troy Baker will make his appearance in episode 8

The Last of Us fans are in for an eye feast for this episode because their favorite voice actor in video games and also the character who played as Joel Miller will make his appearance in this massive hit tv series. HBO Max recently released the promo of the new episode and also announced the title of the episode. 

The Last of Us episode 8 When We Are In Need will be airing this Sunday on HBO Max. Fans all around the world are so pumped about this series many consider this tv series as the best adaptation of the game. Originally TLOU Part One (The Last of Us) was released a decade ago 2013 and again in 2014 as the remastered version and for everyone’s surprise the game was again published for the Playstation 5 the next generation console but this time they did a full remake of the game.

Episode 8 of the Last of Us is so important for the fans because it covers one of the best chapters of the game. After Watching the promo of episode 8 it confirmed the appearance of Troy Baker which made fans even more hyped. Previous episodes of this series were so good now it’s so close to the season finale. 

To See the First Look Of The Episode 8 Images click here


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